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Learning styles – active . passive . auditory . visual . tactile . physical . logical

Every child is different. Ideally, every child would have their own personalized instruction.

KidsWow EnglishPro is our own original creation based of years of experience in language learning, child raising, and home-schooling while living in a foreign country.  There are many ways to learn and teach English and the best way is the way that fits the child and the instructor, whether parent, teacher, or friend.  I am a hands -on -learner, my wife is a study from a book learner.  Both ways work for the right person.  There are many English books, programs, and study guides for study purposes.  But for those of us that need to do something while we learn, to get past the boredom,  I know of very few available programs.  Now we have KidsWow.

Plan to listen a lot – repeat till your mouth (and your ears) can make the pronunciations correctly.

The DVDs are for listening and watching the corresponding action.  We also have CDs for listening once the images are in the brain.  Most language learners, and all schools that I have seen, skip over most of the listening phase as if that was not important.  In my own personal language learning, the listening portion is a main portion of time.  I continue to learn Japanese, even after thirty years.  And to do that I regularly listen to prerecorded samples of Japanese on the topic or sentence patterns I am wanting to learn.   So plan to listen.  Listen while you walk.  Listen while you work.  Listen before you go to sleep and the next part becomes easy.

The next important step is to start with a little new material.  A few new words,  a new sentence or two is good, but not a whole book.

We chose the important words and sentences for KidsWow carefully to be the building blocks of a child’s English speaking future.  What you choose to learn should be interesting, relevant, and something that is useful in everyday life.

Next learn what you get.  Learn what you get sounds too simple.  The foundational sentences must be learned backwards and forwards.  Pronunciation is important.  Speed is important.  The idea is to copy a native speaker exactly.  This will become the standard of the language learning process.  Too many kids and teachers cut corners right here and as a result the weak foundation supports only a limited language learning progress in the future. 

And then use it a lot.    A lot  a lot, over and over, lots of repetition.   Use the sentence sitting down, standing up, walking around, catching a ball.  This is where KidsWow EnglishPro stands out.   We have figured out ways to do things, that look like games, while still hearing and using the foundational sentences.    See games.  During the game playing stage we, as coaches, are able to immediately see how well the kids really know the sentences.  When the attention is on a game type activity, the kids use the level of English that they really know.  If they only know half the sentence, they use only half and try to keep on playing.  We never stop the game to correct their English.  Instead we say the correct sentence,  so they hear it again and keep going.  Later we go back though the process, listen again, repeat again, try to learn it again, and eventually go back to the game playing, while using the sentences we are learning.

Watch a few of our explanation videos and I think this will begin to make more sense.

*Pay attention to each child’s learning style and make modifications.

*Listen (and watch the DVDs)  and try to repeat.  Listen again and again.

*Select today’s words and/ or sentences to learn.   Use flashcards to see a picture and hear or say the material.  Input  – hearing – repeating – trying to memorize and copy.

*Use the same material while doing something active, ball toss, test- try games, bingo, matchup, go-get, hammer, who’s fastest, go- fish, find- the…… and more game ideas.

** take a break and go through the process again. Once you get it, you got it. It become part of you.**


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