Program Resources.

englishpro-logosized  We have many resources, free to use and print out for classroom or home use.  Please do not package and sell our materials without our permission.  And it helps us to get positive feedback. We have tested everything in our own classrooms. So we have total confidence you can get good results.  But you may need some help understanding how and why we use what we use. Together, let’s help every child get the basic English ability they will need in today’s global community. is sister organization with  and  All the resources from these sites are available.  Also, we recommend as an addition resource location.


DVDs and  videos  lessons – watch and learn.  Four KidsWow DVD set . Additional sentence DVDs .  Youtube videos to help and encourage.

日本語のページ DVD     ビデオ


Downloadable test cards to match the DVDs  – practice and repeat.inside the box


WORKSHEETS for all DVDs – for home use or in the classroom.  More than a hundred available worksheets that can be used with the DVD materials or separately to give practice in recognition, reading and writing.  Multiple repetition reinforces the materials being learned.



We want to share our methods, especially our successes, but also some failures, to help you get started quickly.  And for experienced teachers, I think you’ll find some new ideas.


We use bags of tools and toys, mainly because we work with kids.  Four year old kids need one kind of toy and activity and 14 year old kids need another.  We use toys and tools for all ages.  Why?  Mainly because I hate boredom.  We are not teaching an academic subject about English.  We actually train kids and adults to use English.  Many ESL classrooms look like they are preparing to learn Math.  Ours looks more like a music room or a sports training session.  Kids learn to roll, toss, catch a balls and jump rope (if they don’t already know how) all the while hearing and speaking English.  KidsWow is designed with the kid in mind.


Working together for Win-Win.